Many of you think that a facial is a luxury that you should have only once in a while, usually on important occasions such as birthdays or weddings. But you should know that regular facials are important for your skin.  In fact, regular facials are extremely important for maintaining the health and youthfulness of your skin and they can also benefit your physical and mental well-being.

By facial we mean much more than the facial treatment you can do at home. A facial is not just a mask along with a few cucumbers on your eyes and some moisturizing cream at the end of the whole ritual. A facial can only be performed by a professional and will certainly include first and foremost a skin analysis to estimate what your skin truly needs. A professional facial will also include exfoliation that deeply cleans pores you can’t see with the naked eye, a mask, moisturizers and toners packed with active ingredients that will do wonders for your skin. It will also include a facial massage that will leave your skin looking healthier, younger with significantly improved texture and tone. Overall facials can delay signs of aging, eliminate black heads, increase collagen production, improve skin elasticity and give your skin a healthy glow. Not to mention that a facial will help you relax and will boost your self-esteem.

You need to start thinking of facials as a regular part of your beauty and cleansing routine. Afterall, your face is the first thing people see when you walk into a room. Why not keep it looking at its best? You may not realize but taking care of your skin is just as important as eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. Healthy skin is our body’s first line of defence against bacteria, illness and disease, so taking care of it is extremely important. Now, you may wonder why you need regular facials. Because your face is the one area of your body that is always exposed to the natural elements including sun, heat, wind and cold. Especially with the change of seasons during an entire year, the skin has to adapt to the weather changes, diet changes and much more. Therefore, it needs extra care in order to look vibrant and youthful.  Also, regular facials can help your skincare products work better because they prepare your skin so it can absorb all the powerful nutrients they contain.

In order to keep your skin looking its best, it is important to have a facial about once a month. Unless otherwise instructed by your skincare professional, you should not have a facial more often because that could harm your skin. Of course, in between facials it is very important to take care of your skin by washing your face, moisturizing it daily and remember to use sun protection. Especially in a country such as Cyprus where the sun is strong year-round.

There are many different facials to choose from, such a deep cleansing, a moisturizing facial, a Hydrafacial, a DF Machine facial and many more. It is rather hard to select the best for you, right? Well, you should choose your facial depending on the type of skin you have and your personal needs. Therefore, a skin analysis along with your skincare professional’s advice are of vital essence before selecting the treatment you will have or the products you will use at home.

Interested in learning which treatment will work best for you? Schedule an appointment for a free skin analysis today and figure out what your skin truly needs!

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