Oh, that elusive sun-kissed glow!  We all want it and keep chasing it at the beach-usually with and sometimes without protection! But now that the summer fun is officially over and the winter is just around the corner, it’s time to get your skin back in shape and prepare it to face the coming months. You may feel totally relaxed and balanced after your summer vacation but probably your skin feels differently. That’s no reason to panic though! There’s a thing or two you can do so your skin can feel as good as you do!

Step number one, exfoliation. After months of constant sun exposure, use of high SPF sunscreens and frequent exposure to chlorine and air-conditions your skin is undoubtably drier, thicker, harder and flakier. Furthermore, UV radiation causes free radicals to emerge and the collagen fibres that support your skin to weaken. You may also have some small brown pigment spots. A peeling, whether done by an aesthetician or at home, stimulates the blood flow and thus the regeneration of your skin. Afterwards, the skin is much more receptive, and ingredients can better penetrate into the skin. The best way to care for your vulnerable, post-summer skin is to treat your skin to a PRX-T33 rather than aggressively scrubbing or exfoliating your skin at home. This new bio-revitalisation treatment method is way more gentle and will offer your vulnerable skin a professional, more controlled exfoliation without any downtime.

After exfoliation comes moisturizing. Now, I hope that we stressed enough the importance of exfoliation before moisturizing. You don’t want those expensive hydrating creams and serums to go to waste because they can’t penetrate the dead skin cell layer in order to treat the skin beneath. Your weathered skin is surely desperate for a little moisture by now and in order to restore proper skin-barrier function, you better opt for an intensely nourishing facial treatment. The active ingredients will not only nourish and smooth your skin but will also restore its radiance. This is a great time to get a personalized DF Machine Facial or a Hydrafacial. Your weathered skin will thank you for it!! The intensely nourishing, fortified products used in the DF Machine Facial and in the Hydrafacial will help unblock pores, prevent inflammation, nourish and smooth your skin, restore radiance and achieve proper skin-barrier function. Not to mention that your creams and serums will be correctly utilized and your skin will derive maximum benefits from their use!

These three incredibly beneficial treatments can be done throughout the fall-winter season and can be repeated as needed! And of course, all three can be tailored to fit your own personal needs! The outcome? Your will feel rejuvenated, you will look younger and your skin will be beautifully hydrated, refreshed and pampered to perfection!

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