PRP Autologous Mesotherapy

The skin is constantly exposed to UV radiation and other environmental and lifestyle damaging factors. To deal with such damage and to rejuvenate itself, the body continuously manifests its healing capabilities through its natural mechanisms, resulting in a constant battle to recover the damage. Through the aging process, this battle becomes uneven as the healing abilities of our bodies slow down and the imposed damage increases.

The PRP Autologous Mesotherapy treatment utilizes the body’s growth factors found in the blood’s plasma, to recover and reinforce the healing power of its own cells and reverse the damages on the skin tissue, restoring the firmness and lost luster. The PRP mesotherapy treatment is a medical procedure which figuratively turns the clock back in time.

It can be applied on the face, on areas that the first signs of ageing appear or on tired, sallow-looking skin which has lost its luster and elasticity. It can also be applied on areas of the body such as the neck, décolleté, hands and even on post-trauma or post-operative scars and stretch marks. Additionally, it is indicated for the scalp in cases of hair loss.

The PRP mesotherapy uses the patient’s own platelets from the plasma (Platelet Rich Plasma), which are isolated from the blood using a special centrifuge procedure. The activation and reinforcement of the platelets trigger the release of growth factors which achieve:

  1. Angiogenesis – the production of new blood vessels and blood cells, resulting in better nourishment for the body, blood circulation and oxygenation.
  2. New, healthy skin cell production.
  3. New fibroblast growth, which is responsible for collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production, essential for the firmness, elasticity and volume of the skin tissue. 

How is the PRP method applied?

A small amount of blood is drawn, placed in a sterile tube and then centrifuged to separate the red blood cells from the plasma (a clear fluid). The plasma, called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), has a high concentration of platelets which contain growth factors.

The solution is then enriched with high quality hyaluronic acid, vitamins and peptides -essential for the skin’s health and rejuvenation- and are injected into the skin tissue using a very small, thin needle.  This method maximizes the effect of the growth factors contained in the plasma, activating the skin’s rejuvenation and repair mechanisms.

Indications for PRP Autologous Mesotherapy treatment:


  • Tired /sallow looking skin
  • Ageing signs
  • Wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Acne
  • Uneven tone and texture
  • Discolorations


  • Loose skin
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Very thin and fragile skin
  • Hair loss

What are the results noticeable and how many sessions are required?

Results can vary from person to person and depend on the problem and its extent. General rejuvenation results are noticeable as early as a few days after treatment, but full results become more apparent after 3 to 6 weeks and improve thereafter.

For optimum results 3 to 6 sessions are recommended, scheduled 1 month apart. More sessions might be necessary depending on the skin’s initial condition. A maintenance session is suggested every 6 to 9 months, but the treatment can be repeated more often for even better results.

Overall well-being, age, nutrition habits, lifestyle, sun exposure and a good skincare regime at home are essential factors for maintaining the PRP Mesotherapy results.

At ideal Aesthetics, having in mind that individual needs can vary significantly, we offer a variety of personalized PRP Mesotherapy techniques:

  • PRP Autologous Mesotherapy technique – uses only the enhanced plasma with the injectable mesotherapy method, to release the PRP solution in the dermal layer of the skin.
  • Enhanced PRP technique – uses the plasma solution enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and peptides to achieve faster results for skins with extensive damage.
  • PRP Booster & Volumizing technique – uses the plasma solution enriched with hyaluronic acid of a higher molecular weight along with peptides and vitamins. In this case the filler technique is used to restore lost volume and fill out deeper wrinkles such as nasolabial and marionettes, zygomatic, periorbital (eye area) and perioral (around the mouth) as well as wrinkles found on the lips, neck and décolleté.

How long is the recovery time and what is the discomfort level?

The procedure is quick – it only takes about an hour- and any discomfort during the treatment is eliminated with the use of an anaesthetic cream. A mild pinching sensation is experienced during the procedure but only lasts for a few seconds.

Are there any reactions to the treatment?

Some common post-treatment reactions include mild swelling, erythema and itchiness, which subside after 1 to 2 days. Therefore, there is no substantial recovery time.

The fact that the plasma comes from the individual’s own blood, eliminates the possibility of any adverse reactions.

What other procedures can PRP Mesotherapy be combined with?

The PRP method can be safely combined with other synergistic therapies such as Scarlet RF, ablative and non-ablative RFs, photorejuvenation therapies, microneedling, chemical peels, fillers, botulinum toxin etc.

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