Botulinum Toxin (Trade name: Botox / Dysport / Xeomin)

Botulinum Toxin (Trade name: Botox / Dysport / Xeomin)

What is Botulinum Toxin?

The Botulinum toxin type A, best known with the trade names Botox or Dysport, is derived from the Clostridium bacteria and is the world’s most popular, non-invasive medical aesthetic treatment for both, women and men.

It is injected locally on specific facial muscles that cause intense expression wrinkles or thin lines, with the purpose to relax those muscles. It is also used for other medical conditions such as neuromuscular disorders (i.e. dystonia) or hyperhidrosis (excessive axillary sweating).

How is the treatment applied and what is the discomfort level?

The Botulinum toxin treatment should be performed solely by a trained plastic surgeon or a dermatologist and it takes only 10 to 20 minutes.

Anesthetic cream is applied on the specific areas that will be treated, eliminating any discomfort. The solution is released through a very small, thin, insulin-type needle and a mild pinching or pressure sensation may be experienced.

When are the results noticeable and how long is the recovery time?

Patients may return to their daily routine right after the treatment as any redness incurred from the needle subsides within a few minutes to a few hours and can be covered with makeup if needed.

Laying down in a flat position should be avoided for 4 hours after the treatment. Rubbing of the treated area, exercise and the use of hot water or air (i.e. blow dryer), should also be avoided for 2-3 days after the treatment.

Results become visible within 4 days after the treatment, but usually it takes 10 days for full results to set in. Duration of results may vary on an individual basis, but usually they last 4-6 months after which treatment may be repeated.

Are there any reactions or contraindications to the treatment?

Adverse reactions are very rare and are usually caused by a dispersion of the solution to muscles other than the ones targeted by the treatment, which may result to a temporary immobility of those muscles. In such rare cases though, the results are reversible and temporary.

The Botulinum injection treatment is a simple procedure when executed by a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist, and the dosage administered is specific and controlled.

The treatment is contraindicated for individuals that suffer from any myopathic and/or neuropathic diseases. For any other medical conditions, the doctor must be informed in advance in order to assess correctly whether the treatment is contraindicated.

Most frequent indications for the Botulinum Injection treatment:

  • Frown expression lines in between the eye brows.
  • Crow’s feet (a branching wrinkle at the outer corner of a person’s eye)
  • Horizontal forehead lines

What other therapies can Botox be combined with?

Botox can easily be combined with any hydrating treatments such the Hydrafacial or the DF Machine, at least one week after initial the initial treatment is performed.

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