Le Shape-Non-invasive Lipolysis

Le Shape-Non-invasive Lipolysis

Le Shape is the first non-invasive lipolysis treatment targeting difficult areas with persistent local fat, based on Laser technology.

It is specifically designed to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted local fat. Le Shape achieves permanent fat loss of 24% ι visit, without surgery and no recovery time.

Le Shape applies selective lipolysis technology at 1060nm and is the only, non-invasive treatment that fights local fat so quickly, effectively and safely.

Le Shape has 4 autonomous Diode Laser heads, that provide the operator with many different options and can be easily adjusted to the requirements of each case. It is possible to simultaneously apply treatment to many different areas with localized fat deposits, during the same session. Such areas are the chest, inner arms, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, inner knees, back and calves.

The lipolysis treatment with the Le Shape machine is hands free. The specialized operator adjusts the heads to the treatment area accordingly,  based on the person’s history and also-as required by protocol-the measurements and pictures taken prior to the treatment. The condition of the patient is checked several times throughout the treatment and the laser power is adjusted as necessary.

The operator can alter and adjust the power of the laser to such levels so that any sense of heat and pain is tolerable, to successfully complete a 25-minute session. Of course, there is always the option to immediately stop the session. 

What is Thermal Imaging Technology at 1060nm?

The use of a 1060 nm wavelength creates a mechanism of selective thermolysis of the fat tissue, with maximum energy absorption being achieved only by the adipose tissue and with minimal absorption by the dermis, allowing Le Shape to effectively treat areas with local fat in just 25 minutes.

This brief procedure causes permanent and irreversible damage to the adipose tissue at a rate of 24% (apoptosis), in a single application, without pain and without any side effect on the epidermis.

When are the results noticeable?

Right after the treatment and over some time, the body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat cells. The first visible results are observed just after 4 weeks, while the process of apoptosis continues for about 12 weeks, when the full results can be observed and evaluated.

Who is this treatment suitable for?

It is the ideal method to combat local fat that cannot be dealt with diet and exercise, and it is suitable for anyone who wants a refined contour without the hassle and dangers of the surgical approach.

What is the percentage reduction in local fat achieved per treatment?

According to current research, it is estimated that 24% of the fatty tissue is destroyed in just one application.

Do fat cells get destroyed or simply shrink?

Le Shape treats local fat by causing an increase in the temperature of the fatty tissue at 42-47 degrees Celsius. It’s been proven that at this temperature, fat cells death is induced. Therefore, fat cells do not shrink, but on the contrary, they get charred and die.

How are dead fat cells removed from the body?

Fat cells are removed from the body via the lymphatic system, through a natural phagocytosis process.

How long does the treatment last?

This is a short procedure that lasts only 25 minutes. In total, along with counseling and preparation time, the session time is about 45 minutes long.

Are better results achieved if the treatment exceeds 25 minutes?

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated, that within 25 minutes the adipose tissue gets destroyed and a definitive necrosis occurs. Based on these facts, the Laser heads stop after 25 minutes and the treatment is complete. Exceeding the time limit does not achieve better results; on the contrary, possible unwanted side effects might occur.

Is it possible to have more than one treatment in less than a month?

Immediately after the end of treatment, the natural phagocytosis process begins, in which the destroyed fat cells are excreted from the body through the lymphatic system. This cycle needs at least 30 days to be completed, so during this time it is not advisable to repeat the treatment. Then, the therapist evaluates the results and advises on the course to be followed.

Are there any side effects?

No serious side effects have been reported. Treatment may cause mild redness and/or mild edema in the area where the laser heads are applied, but they subside within 10-20 minutes.

Is it possible for an external edema to occur after treatment?

Damaged fat cells might stick together and create small adhesions, which is temporary. In such a case, light massage of the treatment area is recommended three times a day and during the shower. Also, water consumption (2 liters per day), light exercise (i.e. walking) and avoidance of frequent fat consumption help to speed up the process to recovery.

Is a strict diet required at the same time?

Le Shape creates a beautiful body contour by permanently confronting the deposition of local fat, even at places where the most exhaustive diets do not manage to target. Le Shape technology directly targets the fat cells and destroys them. Therefore, results are not influenced by the person’s lifestyle. Of course, a balanced and healthy diet always contributes to the overall effect of the treatment.

Is the process painful?

Le Shape uses Laser to overheat and destroy fat. Radiation is emitted by waves and not in continuous streaming. At the same time, the 4 heads of the machine have a cooling system that freezes the skin with a double target: protecting the skin and eliminating the feeling of heat. Of course, pain tolerance is subjective and varies from person to person, so there is the possibility of varying intensity. It is usually described simply as a feeling of discomfort that comes and goes by waves, like a thermal cycle, which, when the inconvenience reaches a high degree, does not last but immediately subsides.

Is there a feeling of pain in the first few days after treatment?

During the first week post-treatment, it is likely that there is a slight sensation of pain, which is tolerable and recedes soon.

What happens if the heads of the machine are not properly applied to the skin?

The application must always be carried out by a qualified and adequately trained operator to prevent any improper use of the machine. However, there are safety valves that ensure optimal operation. A light signal turns on when the heads are not properly applied and there is a dual emergency switch – both for the operator and for the patient – to stop the procedure immediately if there is even the slightest suspicion of improper and unsafe operation.

Can Le Shape be combined with other therapies?

Le Shape through thermal energy, causes the destruction of up to 24% of the fatty tissue locally. Excretion of the dead fat cells from the body is assisted and accelerated by the application of other popular techniques. Recommended treatments are RF, LPG Enderomologie, or HIFU, for maximum desired results.

When are the results noticeable?

In the first 2-4 weeks, the initial results become noticeable.

How long is the recovery time?

No recovery time is required; therefore, patients can return to their day-to-day activities immediately after treatment

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